Unlimited Monthly Wash Plans

Our unlimited wash club is the most convenient way to keep your car nice and shiny! Wash as often as you want – No long term contract – Low monthly fee

How the program works

Join at your favorite Top dog Car Wash location

Memberships are set up and updated by our store associates. It’s quick and easy to join!

Choose the Unlimited Plan that fits your needs.

Our staff will assist you in selecting an Unlimited plan.  Should your needs later change we can easily transfer you to another option.

Easy Payment

You pay for the first month with a credit or debit card on the day you join.  Each following month we automatically bill the same card.  The day of the month you sign up will be your monthly automatic bill date. You’ll enjoy hassle free no-pay visits.

Redeeming Washes

Your membership is tracked by your vehicle’ sticker we put in the windshield. There are no membership cards or account numbers to keep track of

Which Plan Fits Your Needs?

Please check with our locations for pricing.

Works Plus Unlimited Pass

Works Unlimited Pass

Top Dog Special Unlimited Pass

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