Unlimited Plan FAQ

Do I need my unlimited tag to cancel my plan?

Yes, you will need your unlimited number from the sticker on your car or from your original receipt.

I have a new vehicle. How do I transfer my pass?

You can see a cashier at any car wash location. You need your unlimited number.

How long does it take does my plan to be canceled?

Please allow 7 business days from the day you submit your request.

Will I receive a refund after canceling?

You are not entitled to a refund or credit but your plan will be active for the remainder of the paid month.

Will I be notified after my plan is canceled?

You will get an email confirmation within 48 hours to confirm your cancellation.

What if I change my mind after I submit my cancellation request?

You will need to stop by a location to reactivate your plan.

General FAQ

Why can’t I sign up for the Unlimited online?

For Top Dog Unlimited Washes, a barcode decal must be adhered to your windshield and activated by a Top Dog member to set up the account in our system. The convenient process takes just minutes and can be done at any Top Dog Carwash location!

Can I cancel my Unlimited plan online?

Yes – please click here.

Are you open during the extreme cold in the winter?

Yes. We heat our water and use warm air in our dryers, so the temperature inside our wash is usually in the 80-degree range.

How do I request a donation?

Donation requests must be sent with documentation of the fundraiser/organization to Jill@topdogcarwash.org Please allow 2-3 weeks advance notice.

Employment FAQ

How do I check the status of my application?

Contact the manager at the location where you would like to work.

How old do you have to be to work at Top Dog Car Wash?


How long is my application kept on file?

Applications are kept on file for 30 days. After 30 days, you may re-apply.

Height Restrictions

For 3059 N National Rd
-Safe Maximum Vehicle Height is 80″
-Maximum Vehicle Width is 82″
-Maximum Tire Width is 11″
For 699 Creekview Dr

-Safe Maximum Vehicle Height is 89″
-Maximum Vehicle Width is 84″
-Maximum Tire Width is 12 3/4″

For all locations

-All truck beds must be completely cleared of all items, including but not limited to tools, trash buckets, mulch, nails and screws, ladders, coolers, etc…
-Trucks and SUV’s with large hitches should remove the hitch from the hitch receiver prior to their wash
-Vehicles that have been lowered below factory specifications may be too low or may rub on the conveyor during the wash
-It is recommended that the radio antenna be removed as it is the only sure way to avoid damage
-We can not wash vehicles with excessive mud
-We can not take responsibility for ANY After Market parts installed on the vehicle, including but not limited to rims, running boards, wind guards, bug shields, spare tire covers, rooftop racks, decals, etc…
-We can not take responsibility for ANY previously loose parts of the vehicle, including but not limited to front grills, headlights, molding, rearview mirrors, bumper covers, trim pieces, etc…
-We can not take responsibility for ANY previously damaged areas on the vehicle, including but not limited to scuffs, scratches, body damage, chipped paint, cracked or rock chipped windshields, pealing paint, etc…