Who is Top Dog Car Wash?

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We are Top Dog Car Wash!

At Top Dog Car Wash we strive for excellence when cleaning your car. Using state-of-the-art technology, Top Dog Car Wash provides a deep, penetrating, yet gentle clean that is unparalleled by other car washes. The process begins with a spray down by Top Dog employees to get the first layer of dirt removed. We then use a number of products that will be sure to leave your car clean and spot-free.

Our gentle Shore Detergents in combination with the soft cloth cleaners clean your car to a beautiful shine. To add an added layer of sheen and protection to your car we apply a dual-coat polish to the finish of your car.

In addition to cleaning the body of your vehicle we also offer Underbody Flush cleaning and an Underbody Rust Inhibitor to deeply penetrate and blast away dirt, salt, and road grime from the underside of your car to leave it clean and protected from the elements it encounters on the road.

We also offer Wheel Bright to shine up your rims and wash away the brake dust that builds up through time on the road. We are proud to offer SIMONIZ Pad Perfect Tire Shine, which will leave your tires looking as shiny and new as when you bought your car.

Every wash also includes a Spot-Free rinse and a Hot Air Dry to ensure that your wash is truly spot free.

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